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I'VF Got Options - Egg Freezing Journey


Jessica and I met at work. She’ll be the first to tell you that we were not fast friends. Several years passed before we actually spoke to each other. Both of us were in different roles and locations, same company. I kept hearing her name mentioned in meetings with influential people. They saw her as someone with high potential and wanted to make sure she was flagged for future developmental opportunities. I reached out to congratulate her on her accomplishments. I also encouraged her to keep doing whatever she was doing because people were watching and impressed.

Fast forward to a few years ago, we became great friends. She supported me and I, her. We became roommates with a common goal to save money and grow our individual businesses respectively. As the years passed, we remained close and found more common goals to crush. One of those goals was/is to have a thriving family.

I’m married with 4 stepchildren and 2 grandchildren. Although I wanted them, I never had children biologically. To this resolve, the family I have is the one that fits me and my plans for the future. So, I’m happy with how things turned out.

Jessica, a 35 year old single career woman with no children, began to think of fertility options. She chose to preserve her eggs to increase the chances of having her own biological children when the time is right. The scientific term is called "oocyte cryopreservation". So, here we are…the egg freezing journey.

We want to share this experience with anyone curious or interested in a similar path to fertility. While egg freezing may be considered a nontraditional method, it’s becoming more popular among those who refuse to be bound by the proverbial biological clock.

Our hope is that you follow along and feel free to engage as prompted. Thank you in advance for your openness to learn and healthy interaction.

Constance Latimore

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