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A RICH Tribute

Those of you who know Jessica Rich are invited to my amen corner. Those of you who don’t know her, buckle up while I inform you.

Jessica and I met when we were both working a 9 to 5 while exploring all that young adulthood had to offer. We didn’t hang out together, but we were in familiar circles. Neither of us seemed to think outside of our current circumstances. We worked, partied, made mistakes, and fumbled as most do. Eventually, we recognized the need to grow and made career changes.

Jessica accepted an opportunity as a field Catastrophe Adjuster in insurance. It challenged her physically and mentally. Frequent travel, prioritization of work and demanding clients presented a unique opportunity to sink or swim. She swam. Jessica has never been one to elude responsibility. Once she learned to manage her role, she sought to mentor others.

Mentoring relationships are important to Jessica. She often seeks to learn from those who have achieved the goals she sets. For instance, she desired to become a leader; therefore, she formed a mentoring relationship with a team manager. Jessica volunteered to lead team discussions. She became the subject matter expert for complex issues and backup for her leadership. As you can imagine, she was soon selected for a leadership role. Jessica also mentors other corporate professionals to excel in their current role or prepare for promotional opportunities.

On a personal level, she wanted to become more financially stable. Jessica sought advice from a friend who retained an excellent FICO/credit score. Then, she implemented the recommendations. Within two years, Jessica’s determination and consistency afforded her an opportunity to become a first-time homeowner. Now, she rents space to others who desire to become homeowners.

Do you see where I’m going with this? Jessica assesses her current situation, sets clear goals, solicits mentoring relationships, takes necessary steps to achieve her goals then, seeks ways to share her newfound knowledge with others as an empowerment tool.

Her next project is a podcast: Leaving a Rich Legacy. Jessica is a certified life coach who has a passion for women empowerment. She co-facilitates a monthly women’s career focus group on Clubhouse. Jessica is also a self-care advocate. She lost over 80 pounds and attributes the weight loss to the decision to put herself first. In true Jessica form, she created a “Women’s Improvement Call” as a gathering space for women who desire to make self-care a priority. The platform will be a judgment free zone designed to encourage, empower, and support others.

I don’t want you to miss out. To learn more, visit to:

  • access her blog,

  • register for upcoming events,

  • book a call,

  • purchase merchandise, or

  • take advantage of the monthly free nuggets.

I’d love to share more with you about Jessica, but the best resource is her website: Follow me there so you get first notice of the new podcast announcements. It will be loaded with guest appearances, inspiration, and invigorating conversation.

Constance Latimore Dawkins

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